Anyone for Skipping?

September 24, 2010 at 4:47 pm (fitness) (, )

When I was a kid, there was always a long skipping rope being swung by two girls in the school playground at break times and there was always a queue of kids lining up to have a go at jumping it. Most managed a few jumps before getting tangled in the rope and the next kid had their turn.

As a grown-up, I almost forgot all about that skipping rope until recently I was watching a movie about boxers training and I spotted on in the training gym skipping away with a one-man rope. It all came flooding back to me! there was a great way to exercise and keep fit and it was so simple, inexpensive and occupied such a small area that it could be done anywhere, anytime and for any length of time. At least until the skipper ran out of steam!

So I went out and bought a good quality rope with contoured wooden handles and bearing connectors for the rope to cut down on friction. Oh, yeah, this was gonna be fun!

Except, unlike riding a bike, I appeared to have forgotten how to skip! My first few attempts were pathetic to say the least. I got tangled in the rope a dozen times and tripped myself over twice to fall unceremoniously on my behind!

But I persevered and eventually the knack came back, by which time I was out of breath and needed to rest. One thing I’m pretty good at is tenacity and perseverance. I just won’t give up and kept at it until I had got back into the swing, if you’ll excuse the pun. Skipping was once again fun to do and it really got me working up a sweat. I added some good music to the mix and found the time went quicker while my enjoyment improved.

I’d recommend skipping as a serious exercise form to anyone who wants to improve their fitness levels and sweat off a few pounds in the process. Try it and see for yourself!


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Keeping it Natural

August 24, 2010 at 4:20 pm (health) (, , )

I think a big part of my own pretty good health is maintained because I keep things natural. That is, I avoid processed foods, don’t drink soda or sports drinks, although I allow the odd glass of red wine (for the antioxidants, of course!) and do drink at least one cup of green tea every day. All my food is cooked by me and I buy all my ingredients fresh, as in fresh vegetables, fish, occasionally poultry although I avoid red meat.

I’ve tried going the vegetarian route and to be honest, it was okay but I missed my chicken curry more than anything else, so I slipped back to eating the occasional meat dish now, even though the majority of my meals are vegetarian still. It’s a choice made for me by the food industry’s insistence in pumping farm animals full of growth hormones, antibiotics and lord knows what else that puts me off eating meat more than anything else.

Yeah, I know… if the artificially enhanced meat doesn’t kill you, the pesticides and other poisons that farmers spray on crops will.

I have a solution in part to that problem and its in growing my own vegetables. Its not enough to supply 100 percent of my family’s needs, but it goes a long way to counterbalancing and offsetting the pesticide residues that farmers and slick politicians try to convince us aren’t in the produce we buy. Yeah, right!

When you grow your own, you control what goes on them. I’d much rather find the odd bug crawling around in there that I can see and simply wash off
than a cocktail of who knows what that I can’t see and don’t know for sure what is doing to mine and my kid’s health!

I’m not so blind that I can’t see that the food industry cannot be beaten, nor can their cover-ups be uncovered so that all will see. Most people will go on with their lives in blissful ignorance of what is really going on and the politicians know it. But there are enough of us that do understand it very well, and also understand that our voice is not loud enough to be heard. So we continue in our little corner of the food chain, eating healthily as we can and praying that the specter of GM dominance is kept at bay at least until our kids can grow up and put things right.

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